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Munchkin® Smash Up™

Published by AEG * Game Design by Paul Peterson
Art by John Kovalic, Gong Studios, and Francisco Rico Torres
Based on Steve Jackson's Munchkin and Smash Up by Paul Peterson

160 Minion and Action cards, 20 Monster cards, 22 Treasure cards, 16 Base cards, 10 dividers, 1 token sheet, and a rulebook.
Suggested Retail Price $34.99 * Stock #AEG5508 * UPC 729220055088
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Smash Up and Munchkin come together in an amazing pairing of crazy fun!

Smash Up is the hit game where each players smashes two weird factions together and tries to crush all the others. The factions in this set feature the incredibly popular races and classes from Munchkin, including: Orcs, Warriors, Halflings, Clerics, Dwarves, and more! All the factions have different powers and every team up is different! This set is fully playable alone or can be combined with any existing Smash Up sets!


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