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Munchkin® Sketch Edition
Munchkin® Sketch Edition

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Game Design by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by YOU!

168 cards, rulesheet, a six-sided die, and NO ART.
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Where Did All My Art Go?

That's the point of this set! It's a sketch edition, letting you and your friends draw your own Munchkin set.

For instance:

  • Any time someone goes up a level, they can illustrate and sign a card.
    Your friends draw!
  • Go to a convention and ask every artist you meet to draw one card. Date the pictures! (Please don't ask an artist to illustrate the whole set. Unless you and the artist both think that's funny.)
    Famous artists draw!
  • Hand it to your kid. Maybe you're raising the next Rembrandt and every card will be worth thousands of bucks!
    Your children draw!
  • Pick a master of modern art and make him weep in his grave!
    A minimalist . . . uh, yeah.

Share your sketches on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MunchkinSketch. We'll link to our favorites on this page!


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