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Written by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by John Kovalic

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This envelope contains 56 cards to help you bring new victims . . . errr, gamers . . . into the wonderful world of Munchkin . . .

A special 17-card demonstration deck, drawn from the original Munchkin set, with the cards numbered so you can stack the deck and play out four scripted turns that show the basic Munchkin mechanics in just a couple of minutes. Instructions, dialogue, and stupid jokes are included. Or use your own stupid jokes.

39 promo cards to give away to friends, customers, or total strangers. Four originally appeared in Munchkin Blender, but the versions here have standard Munchkin backs and new Kovalic art. The other one is brand new! Every munchkin will want them all. Will you be generous? Or will you demand tribute? Of course, you are a munchkin, so you will keep at least one of each for yourself, right?


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