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Munchkin® Zombies Guest Artist Edition
Munchkin® Zombies Guest Artist Edition

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Game Design by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by Greg Hyland

168 cards, 12 player standies with plastic stands, gameboard, rulesheet, and a six-sided die.
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Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions!

Greg Hyland, creator of Lethargic Lad, as well as illustrator of Munchkin Fu, Burn in Hell, and Chez Guevara, shows us what Munchkin Zombies looks like from his perspective. It's sure to be gruesome!

This Guest Artist Edition includes completely re-illustrated game cards, a gameboard featuring Greg Hyland's Munchkin Zombies art, and male and female standies for each player.

For more information about the Munchkin Guest Artist Editions, please read the press release.


  • December 21, 2015: John Kovalic Introduces Munchkin Zombies, Illustrated by Greg Hyland


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