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Munchkin Errata

Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Booster 2012 Errata

Last updated June 21, 2013

Can of Worms Clarifications and Mini-FAQ

The Can of Worms is a monster, but it hides out in the Treasure deck. When you get it, you must reveal it immediately (because you opened the Can of Worms!) and begin combat, even if you have already fought this turn. If the Can of Worms was part of the Treasure hoard from another monster, you cannot claim any of that Treasure unless you can also defeat the Can of Worms. You do, however, get any levels you are entitled to, unless you die during the second fight (because dead munchkins can't level up, no matter how hard they want to).

Q: What happens if you were being helped in the first combat?
A: The deal for the previous combat is still in place, but that helper cannot claim that treasure unless you beat the Can of Worms. You may choose any other helper, or none, for the Can of Worms fight.

Q: If you get the Can of Worms as one of your initial four Treasure cards at the start of the game, do you have a chance to play cards from your initial hand before fighting the Can of Worms?
A: Yes, you do, by analogy with Divine Intervention and Clerics.

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