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Munchkin® Boxes of Holding™

Illustrated by John Kovalic

Set 1

Two fold-up sturdy cardboard boxes and two cards.
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Set 2

Three fold-up sturdy cardboard boxes and three cards.
Suggested Retail Price $12.95 * Stock #5564 * UPC 837654321850
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We get it. You own a ton of Munchkin cards. You need to get at them fast. We've got you covered.

Set 1 contains two sturdy cardboard boxes. One's for Doors and the other's for Treasures, and they each hold 500 cards apiece! It also includes two new Munchkin cards unavailable anywhere else!

Set 2 has Door and Treasure boxes (with different art!), then adds a third box big enough for all the Dungeon cards we've made so far, the Seals from Munchkin Apocalypse, and room for expansion! Plus, three more unique cards!


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