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Munchkin® Volume #3
Munchkin® Volume #3

Cover art by Ian McGinty
Written by Tom Siddell, Andrew Hackard, Derek Fridolfs, Sam Sykes, and Will Hindmarch
Illustrated by Ian McGinty, Mike Luckas, Scott Maynard, Phil Murphy, Fred Stresing, and Maddi Gonzalez

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The long-awaited third volume of the Munchkin comic series is here!

Join Spyke, Flower, and a host of other unrepentant munchkins as they stab and loot their way through genre after genre. From apocalyptic wastelands to bottomless pits, from wizarding schools to the yellow brick road, our (anti) heroes always prevail. Or if they can't prevail, they cheat. Written by Tom Siddell, Sam Sykes, and Will Hindmarch, with art by Ian McGinty, Mike Luckas, and Phil Murphy, and cover artwork by Ian McGinty.

The third trade paperback collects issue #9-12, and contains a special coupon code for $5.00 off Munchkin Christmas Lite while supplies last.

Sample Pages
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  • Sample Page #2
  • Sample Page #3
  • Sample Page #4
  • Sample Page #5
  • Sample Page #6
  • Sample Page #7
  • Sample Page #8
  • Sample Page #9
  • Sample Page #10
  • Sample Page #11


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