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Munchkin® Issue #7
Munchkin® Issue #7

Cover art by Rian Sygh * Written by Tom Siddell and Derek Fridolfs
Illustrated by Mike Luckas and Fred Stresing

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Issue #7: "Level 7" (July 2015)

Issue #7 begins with more movies Munchkin-style in "Munchkin Movie Night Part 2." Vampire movies, disaster films, and westerns all get the Munchkin treatment. Then, Spyke and his fellow munchkins come face-to-bill with the Doomsduck in "Duck Die Nasty."

Mike Luckas also joined up with Steve Jackson Games for the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition! Available now at Target.

The first printing of this issue includes the Curse! Temporary Inanity promo card.

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