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Munchkin® Issue #23
Munchkin® Issue #23

Cover art by Mike Luckas * Written by Nicole Andelfinger and Sam Sykes
Illustrated by Len Peralta and Maddi Gonzalez

Price $3.99 * Stock #BOOM23
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Issue #23: "Level 23" (November 2016)

The munchkins jump down the rabbit hole in this month's issue of Munchkin! No, really: They jump. There's no falling involved. And once they hit Wonderland, they . . . hit Wonderland. Hard. A lot. And with assorted weaponry. Did you expect them to just chat with the Mad Hatter, Alice-style? Nah. Then, in the second story, find out more than you ever realized there was to know about the psychology of a munchkin fated to fight . . . the Gazebo. There are 12 stages of Gazebo grief, you see.

Look in the back pages of this issue for a special promo code to get The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Wonderland Withdrawal plus five Munchkin promo cards from Warehouse 23. And, of course, there's a bonus Munchkin rule!

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