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Munchkin® Issue #20
Munchkin® Issue #20

Cover art by Scott Maynard * Written by Will Hindmarch and Andrew Hackard
Illustrated by Len Peralta and Mike Luckas

Price $3.99 * Stock #BOOM20
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Issue #20: "Level 20" (August 2016)

Some new characters join the cast in this month's issue of Munchkin: Brother Skeeper, the cleric from Munchkin 3 -- Clerical Errors, and Moop, the marvelous magician from Moop's Monster Mashup. The first story comes from the annals of Munchkin Gloom. Spyke and Flower enter the mysterious Abbey Seadee on a dark and stormy night. The caretaker, Brother Skeeper, reveals some of its tragic history (and why the food is so good). In the next story, Moop and his assistant Minn have a mirthful mix-up while "spring" cleaning.

Mike Luckas also joined up with Steve Jackson Games for the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition! Available now at Target.

Look in the back pages of this issue for a special promo code to get The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Moop's Spring Special! plus five Munchkin promo cards from Warehouse 23 for a penny, as well as a bonus Munchkin rule!

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