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Munchkin® Issue #18
Munchkin® Issue #18

Cover art by Katie Cook
Written by Will Hindmarch, Andrew Hackard, and Steve Jackson
Illustrated by Len Peralta and Phil Murphy

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Issue #18: "Level 18" (June 2016)

In this issue, follow an intrepid FBI agent and his team as they raid a cult of Cthulhu. Everyone gets more than they bargained for when, in addition to a horror from beyond time, they summon Spyke and Flower. Even the Consulting Occultist doesn't know what to make of them. Also, Flower provides a hard lesson on the ecology of the Plutonium Dragon, and Spyke gives some tips on saving the environment in a special one-page story written by Steve Jackson himself!

Look in the back pages of this issue for a special promo code to get Munchkin Cthulhu Crypts of Concealment, AND The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Explosive Banishment!, PLUS five Munchkin promo cards from Warehouse 23 for a penny, and a bonus Munchkin rule!

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