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Munchkin® Issue #10
Munchkin® Issue #10

Cover art by Bridget Underwood * Written by Tom Siddell and Derek Fridolfs
Illustrated by Mike Luckas and Scott Maynard

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Issue #10: "Level 10" (October 2015)

Flower and Spyke are getting bored with the same old monsters. In "Monster Showdown," our favorite munchkins arrange a tournament of monsters to find the toughest, meanest foes ever to lurk in a dungeon. Wait, why would Spyke and Flower want to work harder for their loot? And what's with that suspicious door?

In "Seller's Market," Spyke meets a group of inexperienced adventurers and trades his loot for some of their magic gear. But woe betide those who make a deal with a munchkin the terms are always higher than they think.

Mike Luckas also joined up with Steve Jackson Games for the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition! Available now at Target.

The first printing of this issue includes the Your Old Comic Collection promo card.

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