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Mighty Fine Shirts

The folks over at We Love Fine have started making shirts for us, and they're great! Check them out, and then go buy them!

Munchkin apparel isn't just a fashion statement . . . it helps you win! Each shirt comes with its own set of rules to give you more choices, more loot, and other fun and abusive options in your next Munchkin game. Click on a design to see what it looks like on a shirt, and what the rules are. We do limited print runs of our shirts, and not all these designs are available now, but we keep them posted for rules reference and to excite your lust for loot.

  • Munchkin T-Shirt
  • Unnatural Axe T-Shirt
  • Dungeon Dementia T-Shirt
  • Fairy Dust T-Shirt
  • Christmas T-Shirt
  • Lovely Loot T-Shirt
  • Star Munchkin T-Shirt
  • Munchkin Fu T-Shirt
  • Momentous Unmasking T-Shirt
  • Cultic Combativeness T-Shirt
  • Utterly Unsinkable T-Shirt
  • Munchkin 10th Anniversary T-Shirt
  • Chibithulhu T-Shirt
  • Munchkin Zombies T-Shirt
  • Heart of the Anomalyhirt
  • Munchkin Sweatshirt
  • Munchkin Polo Shirt
  • Munchkin Apocalypse T-Shirt
  • Four Horsies of the Apocalypse T-Shirt
  • Zombie Santa T-Shirt
  • Keep Calm and Kill Monsters T-Shirt
  • Legends T-Shirt
  • Princesses T-Shirt
  • Oz T-Shirt
  • Steampunk T-Shirt
  • Munchkin Guest Artist T-Shirt
  • Star Munchkin Guest Artist T-Shirt
  • Munchkin Fu Guest Artist T-Shirt
  • Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist T-Shirt
  • Super Munchkin Guest Artist T-Shirt
  • Munchkin Zombies Guest Artist T-Shirt
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